Push Your Fitness This Winter

We bet you thought that now is the perfect time to do absolutely nothing with your fitness, didn’t you! Well just because we’re now heading towards the season where people generally do nothing other than rush around and try to get all of the presents they need just in time, it doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do!

Now is the time to focus all of your energy on your fitness, because come summer time you’ll be more than happy that you focused on it early on. It might be hard to resist the sofa and the warm embrace of your blanket, but sometimes we just have to push ourselves to get up and off the sofa, down to the gym, and focusing on our fitness. If you feel like you need a bit of a push in the right direction, we’re more than happy to help you!


Why The Big Push?

So, why do you think that now is the perfect time to start working out? Well, you know that summer body that you’re oh so desperate for? Well it isn’t just going to be plucked out of thin air. The earlier on that you start sculpting it, the easier things are going to be when you get to summer.

Because you won’t suddenly get 6 weeks before summer and think, ‘ahhh I need to sort myself out!!’. Your body will already be sculpted. You should really think about doing a bulk over winter, whether you’re male or female. A bulk means that you get to put on some weight, which means you get to eat more.

Happy days, right? Well, not exactly. You have to try and ensure that you’re sticking to clean eating the majority of the time, with a snack day once a week. Then, when it comes close to the summer you can take part in the cut. This is where you lose all of the winter weight, and underneath will be this perfectly sculpted body that you’ve been working on for months.

We Know You Want To See Progress

Some of you want to see progress pretty much right away, and that just isn’t going to happen. If you stick with it however, you will eventually see your body change the way you want it to! You can get a testosterone booster which could help you on your fitness journey. It’s better than taking steroids, but will still pump your body up ready for the workout you’re doing. The more testosterone you have to fuel your workouts, the easier it’s going to be to see results along the way. Some people head to the gym and put in such minimal effort, and it’s clearly shown with the lack of results.

Digging Deep

You really are going to have to dig deep if you want to see any form of results. You should aim to go to the gym 5 times a week, with one day being a light workout. You could do some cardio and yoga for example to keep your muscles flexible. The other four days you need to be rotating the different areas of your body. On the rest days you need to ensure you’re fuelling your muscles with the nutrients they need from great food in order to grow.

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