Tech that will help keep you on track with your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions 

Despite best efforts, studies show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Whether you want to get fit and lose weight, be more organised or simply look after yourself better, here’s some top tech that will – hopefully – help you meet your goals in 2019.


Groov-e Action headphones – £40 from

The Groov-e wireless sports earphones are a must-have for anyone hitting the gym or pounding the streets in the New Year in a bid to shift some holiday weight. Held in position around your neck, the four light settings create awareness around you, ensuring you feel safe while working out. Designed for ultimate sports comfort, the sweat-proof buds lock into place, giving a premium sound, clear bass and crisp highs. Available in blue, green and red. 

August SWB200 Smart Activity Tracker – £29.95 from

Packed full of features, this sleek, app-enabled wristband accurately tracks a user’s daily activity including steps, distance, heart rate, blood oxygen and calories burnt. It also monitors sleep, providing information on quality, duration as well as the stages of sleep, all for just £29.95.

August EPA30 Bluetooth Beanie hat with stereo headphones – £22.95 from

Music is a great motivator and can help you focus, whether you’re working or working out. This thermal Bluetooth Beanie hat from August (EPA30) is perfect for anyone who want to get outside more in the New Year. Providing sound and style, the EPA30 keeps you warm and lets you listen to music at the same time. Connecting wirelessly to a mobile device, the EPA30 has a built-in remote-control allowing users to play, pause and skip songs as well as answer calls. No need to take the phone out of a pocket on a cold day. The built-in mic can also be used with VOIP services such as Skype so you don’t need a separate headset.


 Rocketbook Everlast – £34.99 from

The Rocketbook Everlast is an endlessly reusable notebook that will help you be more organised in 2019. Providing users with a classic pen and paper experience, the Rocketbook Everlast actually has a digital twist. A clever accompanying app allows users to scan notes with a mobile device before saving and organizing them within a favourite cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. When the 36 pages are full of notes, meeting minutes, to-do lists and recipes simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth and use the notebook again, and again, and again. Everlast is currently available in three convenient sizes and a variety of colours. 

Rocketbook Everlast Mini – £15.99 from

The Everlast Mini is a pocket sized notebook from the future! The Everlast Mini fits in your pocket and is perfect for to-do lists, quick reminders, shopping lists, brilliant ideas, and everything else you jot down on-the-go! Any notes can be digitised and sent to the cloud using a smartphone and the accompanying Rocketbook app. When all 24 pages of the notebook are full, the ink can then be quickly erased from the pages with a damp cloth enabling the environmentally-friendly Everlast Mini to be used over and over again. Available in four colours (black, navy, teal or red), the Rocketbook Everlast Mini should be with you wherever you go in 2019.

QDOS Qi AirBank wireless charger – £49.99 from

Making sure you’re always connected, the QDOS Qi AirBank is the ultimate portable solution for charging your smartphone wirelessly. Delivering a maximum output of 5000 mAh, this Qi certified wireless powerbank also offers a 5W wireless charger function. Cleverly designed suction pads grip to your smartphone for perfect charge alignment. Includes a 2.1A USB port, allowing two devices to be charged simultaneously. Case friendly. 


AYO – £269 from Smartech at

This award-winning wearable uses the latest developments in Chronobiology – study of the human body clock- to deliver clinically tested soft blue light that helps to boost energy levels, optimise sleep time and beat jet lag during frequent travels.

Hi-Mirror – £349.99 from Smartech at

HiMirror helps you assess your skin’s condition, including wrinkles, fine lines, clarity, dark circles, dark spots, red spots and pores, so that you can efficiently and effectively target areas and move towards your beauty goals. HiMirror analyses your skin to provide you with product routines, skincare tips and skincare comparisons. Sync it to your phone to receive beauty and fitness advice anytime, anywhere. It also provides you with timely tips including the weather forecast and UV index. It’s easy to use either through patented gesture control, voice commands or a remote control meaning no smudges of fingerprints on the mirror.

Muse – £299 from Smartech at

Muse is a brain sensing headband and app designed to make meditation easier. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and increase focus, but it can be hard to know if it’s being done right. Muse provides users with real-time audio feedback on what’s happening in the brain when meditating, letting users know when their mind wanders and teaching them to regain focus. Muse can, it claims, improve meditation practice in as little as three minutes use a day, anytime, anywhere, helping users to feel more relaxed, less stressed and in a better mood.



Chris Price