Body Hacks that Will Make Life Better

There are many little things that can get annoying in our daily lives, but there are also ways to prevent many of them from happening.

Keep Your Bedroom For Sleeping

Your brain will associate going to sleep with your bedroom as long as you do not read books, play on your phone, or watch TV in there. If you want to be able to go to sleep every night without a problem, keep these activities to other parts of your home.

Make Your Hearing Better

Did you know that each of our ears is better at picking up different sounds? For instance, if you want to listen to what someone is saying, turn your right ear towards him or her. If music is the thing you are trying to listen to, your left ear will pick it up better.

Lessen The Pain Of Toothache

A Canadian study has shown that if you hold an ice cube firmly in the V-shaped area between your thumb and forefinger, the amount of pain you feel from a toothache will reduce by 50%. Has to be worth a try.

Get Help To Lose Weight

For some people, trying to lose weight is a constant battle. Why not get some help to make it easier. There are products on the market that can help you to achieve your aim, such as weight loss supplements at Astral Nutrition. They can give you an edge that will help you achieve your goals far more efficiently.

Get Rid Of A Throat Itch

An irritation in your throat can be really annoying, and nothing seems to get rid of it. However, it appears that if you scratch your ear instead, you will stimulate the nerves which will send your throat muscles into a minor spasm and relieve the itch that has been driving you mad.

Prevent Nighttime Acid

Do you suffer from reflux acid in the night? It could be because you are sleeping on your right side, which puts your stomach higher than your oesophagus. You may find it stops altogether if you try sleeping on your left side instead.

Prevent ‘Stitch’ When Running

Usually, when people are running they exhale as their right foot hits the ground. This puts pressure on your liver and it is that which causes the pain of ‘stitch’. Train yourself to exhale when your left foot hits the ground, and you will be able to run pain free.

Prevent A Yawn

A yawn can be embarrassing, especially if you do it while someone is talking to you. Try touching the tip of your tongue just as your mouth opens to stop a yawn dead in its tracks.

Improve Your Memory

Keep a few sticks of cinnamon to hand and take a deep breathe of them when you need to boost your memory. It has long been known that cinnamon can aid weight loss, but now it has been discovered that just the smell of it can help your memory too.

These tips might help to makes some minor things less irksome, and hopefully, make your life a little better.