Little Things That Will Save You Money Every Day

Do you wish your money could stretch further? What are you doing about it? We all wish that we had more money left at the end of the day, but so many of us fail to take advantage of the money-saving tips that are all around us? Want to get in on the action and make your income stretch further? Take a look at some of the little things that will save you money every day…

Stop buying your lunch

How much do you spend on lunch a week? If it’s anything more than £5, that’s over £100 being spent each month on food that is often unhealthy and packed with unnecessary salt and sugar. By making lunch at home instead, you can save a lot of money each week that can be used better elsewhere. For food that’s tasty and affordable, making your own lunch is definitely the answer.

Compare, compare, compare

Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to shop around for the best deal. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure of finding more than one price for it online. Moneypug is a great website to compare mobile phones and other purchases to help you save money whenever you take out a new product. Make sure to put contract and insurance renewal dates in your diary to help you enjoy the latest savings.

Hunt for good discount codes

Discount codes are one of the best things about shopping online. The right discount code can save you money off things you were already going to buy, give you free delivery and other perks you wouldn’t get otherwise. There are plenty of methods for finding discount codes which can help you pick up a good deal. Always check before you buy to see if you can make a saving.


Walking is great for keeping the weight down, improving your fitness and best of all – it’s free. Aim to do at least one journey every day on foot. This will help you ditch the car and get your exercise in, saving you money while also benefiting your health. Invest in some good walking shoes or trainers and start making more of an event to walk each day.

Try 21st-century banking

The rise of online banks is happening quickly, and companies like Monzo are releasing products that appeal to younger generations which offer excellent services with no fuss. From withdrawing money abroad to being able to track your spending easily, new types of bank can help you make those everyday savings.

Want to take your money saving even further? Look to reduce your household bills as an everyday way to save money. Make your home more energy efficient to give you some great savings week after week. Little savings every day will soon add up, helping you make your money go further to enable you to reach your savings goals.

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