5 Tips for Repairing Jewelry in Ohio

New jewelry shines and can add value to your life. The first time you buy your jewelry it might seem like the best thing you’ve ever owned. However, if it’s not maintained properly, jewelry does not last long. Replace your jewelry over time or repair it to maintain its glare. However, replacing jewelry can be expensive so repair is often a much better option.

Although most people see jewelry repair as a less attractive option, repairs are important to restoring jewelry for a longer period. Every type of jewelry has a lifespan and, after sometime, begins to wear out. For instance, the condition of your engagement ring is definitely not the same as when you first had it. You can repair and maintain your jewelry using the following tips:

  1.       Service Your Jewelry

Service your jewelry once in a while to prolong its lifespan. Jewelry needs regular service to keep it in top shape. Make an effort once a year for a jeweler to check your jewels. A jeweler checks for loose stones, worn prong and any other problems that might arise.

Regular jewelry service prolongs your jewel’s life span. It also gives your jewelry back its shiny gloss, making it more attractive and looking as good as new.

  1.       Keep Jewelry away from Pools

Pools such as swimming pools use harsh chemicals to treat the water. It is obvious that chlorine tarnishes metallic ornaments. Even a little dip can cause your jewelry to discolor and lose its original appeal. Keep your jewelry away from swimming pools so they last longer. If your jewelry discolors, contact a repair jeweler to restore it back to its original state.

  1.       Store Your Jewelry Well

It is important to designate a good storage place for your jewelry. Keep it in a wide container to prevent contact and thus scratching. Silver tarnishes due to oxidation, so don’t expose it to oxygen and water. Look for an air-tight container to store your jewelry to minimize the number of times you have to clean it.

  1.       Use Soap and Water to Clean

Many companies offer jewelry cleaning services. However, some have better quality services than others. Even so, cleaning your jewelry at home can save you money. Clean silver and gold jewelry using a clean piece of cloth. Cleaning with water and soap to eliminate dirt settled on your jewelry can bring back its shimmer.

  1.       Take Good Care of Pearls and Diamonds

Diamonds are durable, but can crack if hit by a strong material or on a hard surface. In case your diamond jewel chips, it can be cut into a smaller size instead of replacing the whole piece. A skilled jeweler is able to cover the chipped part with another prong.

Pearl is one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry in a woman’s collection. Don’t hang it when it is not worn. And, unlike gold and silver, do not wash it with water and soap as it damages its silky look and feel.

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Chris Price