Stop the stink: buy your Dad ‘magic socks’ for Father’s Day

Buy your Dad socks for Father’s Day. Not something I thought I’d ever write, but then these aren’t ordinary socks, they’re Magic Socks. Yeah right, I hear you say, like magic beans.

No seriously. When I was approached by Chinese firm MP Glovax’s PR department to review a pair of socks for this blog I must admit I was a bit sceptical. What on earth can be so special about a pair of socks, that they deserve a review on what’s essentially a consumer tech blog like ShinyShiny..Well it turns out more than you think.

I was sent two pairs – a grey sports pair (like those pictured above) and a longer pair of navy socks with grey coloured feet which are suitable for more formal wear. Basically both pairs look like pretty normal socks but with one key difference.

They’re infused  with three metals – silver which is an antibacterial metal, copper which kills bacteria and is a key component of many enzymes, and zinc which reduces bacteria. When combined, the company claims they kill the bacteria in your sweat that cause the “cheesy feet” smell we’re all familiar with. Nice.

They’re also designed to be more breathable than your average sock with the company claiming that “it feels like you’re not even wearing socks.” Maybe I wouldn’t quite go that far but they certainly are very, very comfortable, especially the sports pair.

I’ve got pretty big feet (Size 12 US) and I thought the ankle socks may slip off my heel like a lot of cheaper pairs do. But they didn’t at all. Not only that but they also feel quite soft and smooth.

But of course the big test is are they really odourless?

Well I wore the grey pair of sports socks for four days on a press trip abroad to Portugal and when I came back my partner was unable to smell the difference between the pair of magic socks and some I’d put in the wash after wearing for one day.

The only real difference it seemed was that the magic pair were a little dirtier because they are quite a light grey. I’ve now been wearing the navy blue pair for several days and can report much the same. MP Glovax claims putting the metal-infused socks in the wash doesn’t affect their lifespan and I haven’t noticed any problems so far after two washes. 

Certainly if you are the sort of person who suffers with stinky feet, or you want to buy them for someone with stinky feet (without causing too much offence), then I really would recommend them. If you do a lot of exercise I’d go for the ankle socks because it’s obviously when you sweat a lot that the nasty cheesy odour really starts to build up.

They’re not too expensive either. You can buy them here for $48 for 6 pairs.

See the YouTube video below to learn a little bit more about how the magic socks work. 

Chris Price