Evomotion launches Wunder360 C1 action camera for $159

From Evomotion comes the new Wunder360 C1 360-degree action camera. The manufacturer claims it has been designed to enable anyone from novice photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, professional photographers to extreme-sports athletes, to produce well-edited video clips with easy-to-use, click-to-play in-camera capturing and editing features.

While comparable 360-degree action cameras like the GoPro may cost anywhere between $400 and $750, Evomotion is offering the Wunder360 C1 at an entry-level price of $159. 

Together with the Wunder360 C1, Evomotion has also introduced ViewPilot software technology which empowers anyone without a professional knowledge base to easily create pro-like video clips.

Evomotion claims that users will never miss a single unplanned moment thanks to panoramic 360-degree full-scene capturing. In addition, flat clips focusing on selected people or objects can be automatically generated from 360° footage with a few swipes or even just a tap. What’s more, the smart stabilization algorithms aims to keep your perfectly framed videos dramatically sharper and smoother.

Says Weibing Huang, Chief Technology Officer, Evomotion:

“We are pleased to offer such an affordable compact camera with the latest computer vision technologies that truly rivals competitor offerings which anyone from beginner to professional can use to easily create pro-like video clips.”

He adds:

“We made sure that the Wunder360 C1 is powerful and scalable enough to satisfy both daily life activity, as well as the more advanced, hardcore adventures.”  

The Wunder360 C1 is available to buy from today 

Wunder360 C1 Features

With its compact, easy-to-use design, the Wunder360 C1 claims to provide consumers with high-end professional-grade camera technology, high image quality and feature-rich enhancements. Plus, the camera’s 360-degree capturing does away with the extremely limiting viewfinders and lens angles of traditional cameras.

Other essential features and specs include:

–4K still picture

–3K 30fps video in-camera stitching

–080p 60fps in-camera stitching

–Manually or automatically generate highlight focused flat videos

–Smart EIS

 Time lapse/fast shooting/timer

–In-app editing, social sharing & live-streaming

–In-app filters

–Beauty cam

 In-app background music mixer

–Compatible mounting accessories including gimbals, selfie sticks and tripods

–microSD slot

 Waterproof/dustproof case.


Chris Price