Things to Know About Using Humidifier Filters for Homeowners

The dry air in your home may make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why you need a humidifier. They revitalize your home by countering the dry air and by boosting the humidity

The air in your home tends to be drier during the cold season because the humidity levels drop. The cold air lacks the ability to hold the moisture you need for your home. Dry air in your indoor home environment causes dry skin, dry eyes, itchiness and nose bleeding. One way of helping with these symptoms is with a humidifier.

The humidity level required for your home is about 50%. Higher levels than that will create a breeding environment for bacteria, dust mites, moulds and other organisms. Levels lower than 30% will encourage flu and cold viruses.

On the other hand, air that is so dry will destroy your wood furnishings and your home’s foundation. A humidifier has a filter to purify your indoor environment. You can get humidifier filters at a discounted price that will fit within your budget.

Due to the importance of a humidifier in your home, you should know about everything you possibly can about them. Here are just some of the things you need to know:

A Humidifier Pad

This is the filter itself, which is responsible for cleaning the air in your home. It collects and disperses moisture to the air. When the air in your home is so dry, you need to add water to the humidifier pad, which transforms into moisture and circulates throughout your home making you comfortable.

The Size of Your Space

A humidifier is designed to give you air conditions that are ideal for you and your health and they do come in different sizes. For a single room, you need to get a smaller size but if you need it for your entire home you need to buy one that you can build into your home heating duct system. Humidifiers made for single rooms are cheaper and you can get a couple of them for the most used rooms in your home.

Maintenance of Your Humidifier Pad

You need to clean your humidifier to avoid blockages accumulating on it. You can clean out the built up residue and replace old filters regularly. This will enable you get the desired results from it and ensure that you maintain the comfortability levels in your home. Maintenance will also help your humidifier last for quite some time without experiencing any damage.

Replacement of Your Humidifier Pad

No amount of maintenance will enable your humidifier to last a lifetime and so replacing it is inevitable and at some point, you will have to buy a new one.  Here is how you go about replacing it:

  • Power down your heating system through the fuse box
  • Take out the cover door of your humidifier
  • Remove the filter
  • Unhook the plastic frame on one side
  • Remove the humidifier
  • Insert the new humidifier and hook back the plastic frame
  • Attach the frame firmly
  • Cover the humidifier door and power up your heating system

In conclusion, you should ensure that you learn everything about humidifiers in order for you to know how reap the benefits of having them in your home. Thankfully you can now buy one for an affordable price. 



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