Learn How to Cook while Traveling in Vietnam

Vietnamese are widely known for making some of the tastiest and most enticing meals all over world. Their food is made using natural ingredients which are harvested from the farm.

Also, different chefs offer training and supervision for those who want to learn a few menus from this great state. So aside from learning the culture and other exciting backgrounds about Vietnam, it’s also a good thing to learn a few things about their cooking, while you travel.

Here are the few tips on how to learn cooking while traveling in Vietnam.

Find an Excellent Culinary School to Learn

Several cooking schools are available in Vietnam for you to choose from. Therefore research before you head to the state and select a school that can teach you how to cook. Note that each school has their ow cooking techniques and cuisine they offer. So choose the most reliable cooking school to enrol in.

Opt for a Private Chef

Working with a private chef is more convenient for those who don’t want to stay for long in Vietnam. A private chef will only focus on you, and it’s much easier for you since he or she will take you step by step through their menus and how to prepare them.

Try out Different Dishes

Even if you have a particular dish in mind that you wish to learn how to prepare, it will not do you any harm to learn other Vietnamese cuisines. This gives you a broad understanding of their foods and also how to cook them. Know how to prepare their beverages, soft drinks, juices and so on.

Understand their Herbs

The only way to succeed in learning how to make great Vietnamese dishes is by understanding their spices and natural herbs that they use for cooking. Most chefs usually take their culinary students to the farm or even to the market to help them choose the right herbs and spices for cooking.

So, make sure you have notebook and a pen to write down the different herbs that they use and how they use the ingredients. This will give you an overview of how to incorporate these ingredients into your food.

Opt for an Online Tutorial

If you are not able to attend the classes, the other great alternative is to enrol in an online course. Some culinary schools do have websites where they provide a tutorial on how to make different foods and drinks from Vietnam.

All, you are required to do is book for an online class with the provided information, and you will be ready to go. One of the websites can be found at https://www.huongnghiepaau.com/hoc-nau-an.

Choose Easy Recipes to Make

Each student is usually provided with a list and is required to choose four or five dishes that they want to learn about. So, for you to understand it quickly, you can simply choose recipes which are easy to make and that you are familiar with, because it will take less time and effort as well.

If you are planning to go for a vacation in Vietnam, use the above tips to guide you in learning how to cook their dishes as well for a better and more broad understanding of their culture.



Chris Price