5 tips to planning a themed event


The success of an event largely depends on the amount of preparation and planning done beforehand. That is why, if you are planning on handling a themed event, then be sure that you can devote all of your time and attention to the to the task. Patience and creativity are the two key factors that you need to take note of.

A lot of events fail or fall short because organizers and hosts fail to anticipate and prepare countermeasures for unwanted incidents during the party properly. Thus, during such times, your patience and resourcefulness will be put to test. And lastly, your creativity will be the deciding factor in order to make the event memorable and fun for all the guests.

That being said, to help you plan the best and most memorable event for your friends, colleagues, families, and guests, we have listed 5 helpful tips below that will surely make your task a lot easier.

Match the theme with host’s personality

To make the event have a customized and original feel, a theme should be created. The theme of the event will play a big role in setting up the environment and overall mood.

However, you have to make sure that the theme of the event matches the host’s personality and purpose for the party. For instance, you don’t want everybody to be so formal when the event is for a kid’s 10th birthday party, right?

The decorations of the place must represent the theme and the host’s personality. Also, make sure that you emphasize the theme and the desired attire for the guests in the invitations that you will be handing out.

Create a budget

After deciding on the party’s theme, it is very important that you set a budget for all the expenses that you will incur. You don’t want your designs and other plans for the event to be canceled or changed because of budget constraints.

It is very important that you know your budget’s limit so that you can plan within your means. Furthermore, you have to take into consideration having an emergency fund for emergency adjustments and situations during the party

Create a checklist

Event planners and organizers always have their checklist for everything related to the event. Thus, we strongly recommend that you also have your own checklist. Once the day for the event comes, this checklist will be the holy book that will tell you if everything is going according to plan.

From decorations, foods, drinks, sound and lighting system, emcees, important guests, and the program for the event – all of these things must be on your checklist.

Hiring a band for a special event is a great idea

Other Attractions

Live bands, magic shows, classical performances, contests and other types of performances can definitely make the event fun at all times. We all have experienced the awkward atmosphere during the eating portion at events, right?

And one of the most effective ways to eliminate the awkwardness during such times are these surprise performances. Surely, there are many skilled bands for hire around your area, and getting them for the event should be relatively easy.


Last but not the least, in order to leave your mark and make the guests remember “your” event for a long time, handing out souvenirs will surely do the trick.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the souvenirs. As long as you are creative, then personalized souvenirs that show your appreciation for the guests will be more than enough to leave your mark.

Chris Price