The stylish accessories that any new mother should have

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It used to be that fashion for pregnant women lagged about 40 years behind fashion for everyone else. People took frumpiness for granted in pregnancy, and new moms didn’t get it much better.

Now, thankfully, the big brands are catching up. Thanks in part to the arrival of some innovative newcomers who realized that having a baby doesn’t mean losing all sense of style and started taking business away from them, the bigger brands are beginning to adapt to the modern world.

This means that there’s no longer any need to compromise, so don’t accept second best when shopping for those all-important items that you’ll need when the baby is born. You can be well equipped and still look good.

 Baby carriers

Whether you choose an all-modern carrier, a papoose, or a flexible baby wrap, you’ll want something that works with your outfit and has a bit of flair of its own. That’s much easier than it used to be, in part because the range of designs available is now very varied.

You can go for something simple and utilitarian that works with a tank top and jeans, something brightly patterned that works with your favorite summer dresses, or any number of things in between. Experts now recommend carriers that let your baby face you for the first few months so that your little one can interpret the world with the help of your facial expressions.


Strollers tend to be one of the most expensive items for new moms, and because these days they’re often multi-functional, it’s worth investing to get a good one. You’re unlikely to be able to change your stroller to match your outfit, and this is why plain dark colors and simple patterns such as stripes continue to be fashionable, but you can still stand out by choosing something that’s elegantly designed.

Some moms choose to paint the hard parts of their strollers for a totally unique look, but if you do this, you’ll need to make sure that there’s nothing that your baby can pick off and eat.

 Diaper bag.jpg
Diaper bags

Carrying round an obvious diaper bag everywhere feels distinctly unsexy and will always keep you wondering if people can smell it, but a range of great new designs means that it no longer has to be like that.

Simple but elegant patterns make it easy to find something that matches multiple outfits, and you can choose a tote bag or backpack diaper bag to suit your style. All these options can now be found with well-organized interiors that help you store the things you need efficiently and keep bad odors under control.


When you’re dealing with the chaos of having a new baby in the house, one thing that tends to suffer is your hair, especially if you’ve also had problems with it during pregnancy as many women do. Having a hat to wear can make you feel a lot more confident, and it’s also a practical option because – rain or shine – you’re going to be outdoors a lot.

Coping with a stroller and an umbrella at the same time is not easy! Snugly fitting hats are the best option because they’re harder for your baby to grab, but during the first couple of months, you can wear what you like. 

Swaddling blankets

There’s one rule about looking good as a new mom – you shouldn’t outshine your baby! If you’re well dressed with chic accessories, your baby should also look good, and that’s now easier than ever.

Never mind the baby clothes, which you may have little choice over anyway as they’re everybody’s first gift idea – pick out a handful of soft swaddling blankets that you can use when your baby needs to snuggle, wherever you are.

They’re great for naps, as play mats in the park (if you don’t want your baby to start chewing the grass), or even as impromptu changing mats – and there are more and more great designs available.

No matter how you think you ought to feel, being a new mom isn’t all joy, and many women find it difficult to reconcile the joy that babies bring with a sense that they have lost something of themselves.

For this reason, you should never let anyone tell you that looking good doesn’t matter at this stage in your life. Picking stylish accessories helps you stay in control of the image that you project, and changes the way that people react to you.




Chris Price