Weebot Aero – a foldable e-bike for $699 now on Indiegogo

This is the Aero from French company Weebot (no sniggering there at the back from our British readers). It’s a foldable e-bike which is currently raising money on crowdfunding website, Indiegogo and looks pretty decent for commuters.

Available to pre-order until May 24, complete with worldwide shipping, it comes in three versions – Aero, Aero Plus and Aero S with the highest spec bike (the $1099 Aero S) capable of speeds of up to 35 km/h and boasting a range of 70km.

Weebot claims the Aero folds down in only three seconds, making it a convenient alternative to traditional e-bikes on the market.  Features include 12inch wheels for all terrains and a Panasonic lithium battery technology (just like Tesla).

Battery life, distance and speed are all shown on a waterproof LCD-screen and for added security the Aero also has turn signals, operated directly from the handlebars, as well as LEDs at the front and rear.

Prices start from a reasonable $899. See Indiegogo for more details.






Chris Price