4 ways to seek help for your web design

Building a basic website can be as easy as dragging and dropping things into place. But therein lies the problem. Many of these do-it-yourself web design companies offer ease of use, but the websites you can build with them often end up looking amateur or like cookie cutter copies of other people’s websites.

So what can you do to make your website stand out and look professional? Here are 4 ways that you can improve your personal or business website design.

1) Reading online articles

In the Internet age, Google seems to hold the answers to every question known to man. There are plenty of websites that can explain basic web design or coding to you. The disadvantage of these sites is that without a basic understanding of coding or HTML, articles like this can be confusing and time consuming.

2) YouTube tutorial videos

One way of making things clearer can be to use YouTube tutorial videos to help you make design changes to your website. You can find tutorial videos online for most of the major basic web design sites such as WordPress, Blogger, or Shopify. These videos set out step-by-step instructions on how to change the look of your website, add in new features, or alter existing parts.

As with working from articles, doing more complex design work from YouTube tutorials can be complicated.This method is good at keeping costs low, but can also be confusing and time consuming. Also, unless you are running a dual screen set up, it can also be fiddly to switch between screens on every step.

3) Hiring “that guy” you know who builds websites

There is no limit to the number of people who claim to offer professional web design services these days. Chances are we all know a friend of a friend who might be able to help you build your website. This can also be a useful way of saving money, but there are some real downsides to this method and results can vary dramatically.

Whilst you may end up with a professional looking product, there is no guarantee about the standard of work that will be provided. You are also at the mercy of your friends timetable, since this kind of work is usually done on the side.

Requesting alterations can become awkward and it is also unlikely that you will get any assistance maintaining your site, or making any additional stylistic changes you may want to make down the road. Alternatively you can look online to find the best web design company

4) Using a professional service like www.gmgweb.com.au

If what you want is a professional, custom made website that stands out from the rest, the best and easiest option is to use a professional web developer, such as GMG. Alternatively, if you are based in Illinois there are Chicago based developers.  

Working together with your developer you can update or redesign your existing website, or work together on building a new site that properly reflects your personality, brand, or ethos.

From a properly designed website flow map, to a tailored user experience, working with a professional can help you deliver a memorable user experience on your site and help give the right impression to your visitors.

A professional web developer can also help you research your industry and learn about your products and the people using them. By understanding your clients, you can tailor your site to their needs, rather than simply building a site that works aesthetically. You can check out examples of GMG’s work at www.gmgweb.com.au

Chris Price