Top 10 Tech Gift Items To Add To Your Shopping Cart This Christmas



Christmas is all about shopping for yourself as well as your family. And when it comes to gifting, nothing can be as satisfying as finding a tech gift. With the booming digital market, it is now very easy to find something for everyone.

While most people now start their Christmas shopping by Black Friday if you still haven’t started shopping for Christmas gifts don’t worry. We can help you find some amazing tech gift ideas!

For your convenience, we have here pulled together some amazing gift ideas for your friends and family this Xmas.

1. Amazon Echo

This smart speaker (pictured above) comes with some amazing features. You can control all your devices at home, play music, set alarms and do much more using this voice assistant from Amazon.

2. Sony headphones

Sony’s headphones come in a range of attractive designs and colours. They can provide high-resolution audio and block background noise for an unbeatable sound experience. The headphones are available in different colours and great price at Currys. Using these coupon codes gives you added benefits of discounts.

3. AncestryDNA test

How about gifting something different this time? Get an AncestryDNA test for the curious one in your brigade! Let them use the device and explore new family connections around. All it requires is a little saliva to help you predict the locations of your ancestors across the different populations in the world.

4. Tefal Toast ‘n’ egg

It is an ultimate gift idea for the people who don’t have enough time to make their breakfast. It comes with two slots for making toast, as well as a tray to poach an egg and a steamer tray for boiling.

5. Samsung Gear S3

This smart watch from Samsung has a built-in GPS, is water resistant and certainly has eye-grabbing looks.

6. iPad Pro

Who can resist the beauty of the Apple iPad? Just like the iPhone, the iPad Pro looks beautiful and offers performance that makes rivals green with envy. Again, don’t worry about the price as you can easily get good deals with Dealslands.

SennheiserMomentum.jpg7. Sennheiser Momentum headphones

These wireless headphones are really awesome to look and sound fantastic too. The headphones can be easily paired with different smart devices using bluetooth or with an audio cable.

8. Prisma prints

There have been a number of crazy Prisma users who have been turning their photos into something amazing. You can even make use of the Prisma app to come up with an amazing painting of your loved one this Christmas.

9. Bamboo keyboard

How about replacing the old school keyboard with a bamboo one? What else could a tech lover want. They look amazing and you can easily manage it.

10. FitBit Flex 2

This waterproof fitness tracker is perfect to use while swimming. It also tracks your sleep patterns, steps and workouts. The rubber bands come in different colours and can be used as an accessory too.

Hope these Christmas gift ideas with some special tech collections can turn out to be the perfect Santa gifts for your loved ones.     


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