Proporta’s luxury Greenwich iPhone/iPad range


Proporta is going seriously premium with its new Greenwich range of gadget case. Available for everything from wallets and purses to iPhone, iPad and MacBook cases, as well as high end cable ties, the range is crafted in finest bullhide leather – which apparently is the same leather Bentley use in the interior of their cars.

The cases utilise Proporta’s carbon fibre inserts to insure high level protection for your smart device.Interestingly too the wallet uses anti-RFID technology which works to protect your cards from card clash when you are making those contactless payment in Pret.

The range is available in a number of colours from standard black and a fawny brown though to a subtle purple.

The iPhone cases start at around £60 while you will pay £90 for a wallet and around £300 for an iPad case.

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Ashley Norris