Fetch launches UK’s first pet technology centre. Vote for your favourite pet innovation. What’s Yapp anyone?

Vote for your favourite pet innovation and Fetch will make a prototype of the product

Fetch, the online pet store from grocery delivery service Ocado, has launched what it is billing as the first dedicated pet innovation, or ‘Petnology’ Centre. The purpose of the online hub is apparently to help pet owners care for their pets and build a better understanding of their needs through inventions which use cutting-edge technology.

Fetch is also giving its customers the opportunity to decide which invention it will develop into a real working prototype. The voting is now live at fetch.co.uk/petnology until 8th February with the winning idea to be announced shortly afterwards.

A prototype will then be developed and the product could even be manufactured (although good luck trying to make a collar that will tell you what your dog is thinking).

From a long list, the ideas from Fetch were eventually whittled down to the following Petnology shortlist:

  • WhatsYapp: The world’s most advanced communications system between pooches and their pals. It works by analysing your dog’s sounds, movements and activities through a smart collar that talks to WhatsYapp on your phone and lets you know what your dog is thinking.
  • CatQuest: An interactive 3D projection gamestation for cats which can be activated remotely via an app, turning your home into a play centre for cats.
  • PetPounds: PetPounds uses SmartBand technology to encourage children to play with their pets to earn rewards. By walking, running or playing with pets, children can earn vouchers, days out or time credit on mobile devices. Simply put – the more responsible your child is, the greater the reward.


SmartBand technology monitors the proximity between child and pet via a connected collar attachment and wristband.
SmartBand technology monitors the proximity between child and pet via a connected collar attachment and wristband.

Says Rachel Comerford, Head of Commercial at Fetch.co.uk:

“We initially launched the Petnology Centre internally to challenge our team to come up with ideas and innovations and they certainly rose to the challenge. We can’t wait to see which idea is going to appeal to our customers and hopefully we can get it put into production and who knows, even sell it on our site!”

For more details on each concept and to cast your vote for which prototype you would like to see brought to life please go to: fetch.co.uk/petnology/.

Got an idea of your own? Then Fetch would love to hear from you. Join in the pet tech conversation at: facebook.com/fetchlovespets or twitter.com/fetchlovespets.

You can see a YouTube video of the Petnology centre below. 

Chris Price