Lovely Loewe Connect 32inch TV with built in digital recorder – share content with other TVs


Loewe2Loewe are well known for their lovely looking TVs and this 32inch flat screen number is no exception.

Billed as a smaller screen for the bedroom or kitchen (there was a time when 32inches would have been categorised as a large screen model), the Connect 32 features a proprietary Loewe Full HD screen,

The LEDs are designed and arrayed to deliver extremely even lighting, reckons Loewe, while highly efficient filters improve energy consumption.

Complementing the black chassis is a loudspeaker bar, for which the user can choose from black, silver, cappuccino or petrol blue trims.

The Connect 32 comes with a stylish adjustable table stand, with a wall-mount option while a visually striking floor stand which looks like a music stand is also available.

On board is an 80W sound system with the horizontal speaker configured to deliver a detailed, full-range sound performance, claims Loewe. The Connect 32 comes in two versions; the enhanced Connect 32 DR+ features Loewe’s DR+ video recording system, which has full recording functionality, 1TB of storage and the ability to share content with other Loewe TVs in your home.  It also boasts an integrated 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS audio decoder.

The DR+ system allows simultaneous recording of one programme while watching another, mobile recording, and smart content sharing, courtesy of Loewe’s ‘Smart tv2move’ feature. Smart tv2move allows you to transfer the current television programme – or even a programme on a different channel – to a tablet or smartphone at the touch of a button, ensuring you don’t miss a thing, even if you have to leave the room.

“With all the focus on ever-expanding screen sizes, it’s easy to forget that 32in screens remain extremely popular in the UK market,” says Charlie Cann, Loewe UK’s Marketing Manager. “Some customers are buying 32in screens because they want a TV to fit discreetly within their interior design rather than dominate the room, perhaps reserving big-screen entertainment for a media room elsewhere in their property.

“Others are looking for the ideal screen for secondary locations such as bedrooms, kitchens and so on; but just because they require a smaller TV, it doesn’t mean they want to compromise on quality.”

The Loewe Connect 32 is available now, with an RRP of £999, while the version with the optional DR+ recorder, the Connect 32 DR+, has an RRP of £1299.

Loewe Connect 32 Specifications

  • The most highly-specified 32in TV on the market
  • Bespoke Loewe E-LED panel created especially for this model
  • Class-leading 80W integrated sound system
  • Optional DR+ hard drive to record, store content, and share with other Loewe TVs
  • Watch one programme while recording another via USB or DR+
  • Loewe Smart tv2move – turns your tablet into a second TV screen
  • Timeless design, precision engineered using premium materials
  • Choice of finishes, with black, silver, cappuccino and petrol blue colour options



Chris Price