Orsto smart watches boast seven month battery life

ORSTO has unveiled 16 new analogue smart watches boasting seven months of battery life

Describing itself as a ‘horology atelier’ – that’s watchmaker to you and me – ORSTO has introduced 16 new analogue smart watches following a successful crowdfunding campaign which secured the backing of 88 international venture capitalists.

The new range, called the ORSTO CONTEMPORARY 100 range, is the first of four collections developed by ORSTO with the following three scheduled for release in the coming months.

As hybrid smartwatches, ORSTO has done away with the touch screen altogether, without ditching any of the ‘smart’ capabilities. For example the watches are compatible with both Android 4.3+ and iOS 4S+ operating systems, with features including incoming call and message notifications, pre-set reply mode, daily alerts/reminders, visual sound wave/audio/vibration alarms, remote camera/music control, full activity monitor and more.

Says ORSTO CEO Paul Gill said, “Put simply, ORSTO timepieces buck the smartwatch trend in the wearable tech industry, and move in a totally different direction.”

When it comes to battery life, ORSTO timepieces blows the competition out the water, claims the manufacturer. While counterparts such as the Samsung Gear2 and Apple Watch remain active for just 24 hours, the CONTEMPORARY 100 range boasts seven months of battery life for smart functions.

Also unlike most other smart watches which are only splashproof, ORSTO offers proper water resistance, with the 100, 200 and 300 ranges protected at up to 100M/330FT and the 400 range to 200M/660FT.

While smartwatches have emerged as an extremely popular timekeeping device, the market for traditional timepieces still prevails, according to Orsto. Indeed the latest data from Statistic Brain confirms their staying power, with 1,200,000,000 watches sold in 2014 compared to just 6,800,000 smartwatches.

This makes the traditional watch market 174 times bigger in unit numbers than the smartwatch market. ORSTO reckons it offers contemporary consumers the best of both worlds, blending the aesthetic appeal of traditional wrist watches with the next generation of smart functionality.

To find out more about ORSTO, and find out more about the CONTEMPORARY 100 range, go to: http://www.orsto.com/contemporary-100-range.html



Chris Price