Fight tech with tech. And reasons to drone on about home security….

In the tabloids, there are almost daily reports on the latest break-in stats, the newest trickery used by criminals and the best initiatives to tackle them. It can seem as though everyone is droning on about home security.

But for good reason! Your home security is under more scrutiny than ever. This time, believe it or not, from the skies.

Yes, it has been reported that the latest criminal phenomena is to use drones to scope out potential properties for burglary, to assess possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the security system.

There’s no need to come over all technophobic, though. It’s not to say drones aren’t an exciting prospect – with talk of super-fast couriers, amazing bird’s-eye-view footage of inaccessible locations and even autonomous pizza deliveries – we’re certainly on side for this sort of innovation. But like any technology, it can be used to both good and bad ends.

On the ‘good’ end of the spectrum, drones are being used in the US to fight crime, with police forces sending Unmanned Aerial Vehicles into dangerous situations before the officers themselves. But the prospect of the technology being used by the ‘bad guys’ is unnerving.

While the tools the criminals are using are at the cutting edge, the basic precautions you can take are anything but; you can tighten security just as you ever have.

The general solutions to combat these phenomena are straightforward and affordable; window and door locks that adhere to the relevant standards, heavy-duty padlocks for sheds and outbuildings, and simply activating or putting to use the security measures you do have in place (A poll by Halifax found that 34% of householders with a home alarm said they rarely activated it!)

But, if you want to go a step further, and fight fire with fire (or tech with tech!), you could look into Smart Living solutions. Smart home products, such as connected alarms, locks and CCTV systems allow you to live life the way you want, and make the latest technology work for you. The days are worrying whether or not you locked the front door are over!

Just as drone technology is the latest thing adopted in the criminal underworld, Smart Home security is the latest thing adopted by security-conscious homeowners. So fight tech with tech, and keep your home secure, the smarter way.

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Chris Price