How to do a French braid: 5 definitive YouTube tutorials

It’s the hairdressing holy grail (OK, one of them) and actually not as hard as you think…

Here are the best YouTube tutorials to help you master the French braid. Bon chance! 


Best for traditionalists: The Beauty Department’s Classic French Braid

The Beauty Department comes up trumps as always, with this easy-to-follow French plait tutorial. Sadly it’s not as easy to grow Lauren Conrad’s lustrous locks. 


Best for extensions: Foxy Locks’ Big French Side Braid

For a braid that looks a bit like some thing they would made in bread week on The Great British Bake Off, you’re probably going to need to use extensions. This video from Foxy Locks puts clip-in hair to excellent use, with the kind of thick, Rapunzel-esque side plait you want to wind ribbons through.

For maximum Disney appeal, have tiny birds do it for you.



Best for easing yourself in gently: Hey Kayli’s 3 Ways to French Braid

Think you just can’t do French braids? Not on your Nelly! Hey Kayli’s on a mission to teach you, and she’s going to do it through very slow, clear instructions and lots of helpful close-ups.

These are sideways hairband braids rather than the full-head version, so much more forgiving on the plait-phobic too.


Best for laidback locks: Luxy Hair’s Relaxed French Braid

Ideal if a conventional French plait is a little too pulled-back for your tastes, this gorgeous ‘do from Luxy Hair is also ideal if you’ve still not quite mastered the art of continuous French braiding.

Just do normal braids, and pause every few inches to add in more hair from the side. Easy. 


Best for short hair: Wonderfuly0u’s Quick & Easy French Braid Messy Updo

No need to feel left out if you don’t have a lot of hair – this endearingly messy French plait from Wonderful You blogger Megs works beautifully on a bob, and can be done in a jiffy.

Prepare yourself with a LOT of kirby grips, and take a break if you get arm ache.



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