How to contour like Kim Kardashian: 6 definitive YouTube contouring tutorials

No cheekbones? No problem. We’ve found the best beauty tutorials to teach you to contour the Kim K way…

The Kardashians’ favourite makeup method is fast becoming one of the most controversial topics in beauty. Some love the way contouring can conjure bone structure you don’t actually have, others hate the implication that a round face or big nose are things we should be plastering on bronzer to hide. But whether you go fully painted lady or just work a few light-deflecting tricks into your usual routine, it’s still handy to know what’s going on behind the red carpet pouts…

Here are six of our favourite contouring videos, from everyday to extreme.


1. Best for an actual fancy dress party: GlamBoothTV’s Contouring and Highlighting

I mean really, who has the time? GlamBooth’s tutorial is a full-blown Kardashian homage for ‘special’ occasions – ones where there’s no chance of breaking a sweat through your 13lbs of makeup. Worth watching for the mesmerising blending sequence alone, though.


2. Best for a (more) natural look: Katerina Beauty’s How to Easily Highlight and Contour for Beginners

No scary painting here; Katerina’s softly-softly technique is just an exaggerated version of the bronzing and highlighting you probably know how to do already – and could easily be toned down further if you like your forehead the shape it is.


3. Best for professional flair: Jordan Liberty’s Natural Contouring Tutorial

Far more achievable if you don’t have half a day to spend on your warpaint, Jordan’s no-nonsense contouring works beautifully on darker skin but the principles are the same whatever your colouring. Nice to see blusher can come into play too, if you’d rather be in the pink than a bronze statue.


4. Best for achievable results: Realtechniques’ Makeup Contouring for All Face Shapes

Bonus points to Sam Chapman for her “not everyone needs to contour; there’s nothing wrong with the face shape you have” pep talk, as well as delivering possibly the most natural contouring look on the internet. You can always trust Pixiwoo.


5. Best for dark skintones: Bellesa Africa’s Contouring, Highlighting and Foundation

Bellesa Africa’s tutorial is a useful guide for contouring chocolate brown skin, without any unnaturally pale or chalky highlights. This one has excellent brush tips too, for anyone who doesn’t know their kaboose from their kabuki.


6. Best for product tips: Ana Victorino’s How To Contour The Modern Way

Easy, breezy and with lots of useful advice on brushes and products, Ana Victorino may look about 12, but she knows her stuff. This tutorial is quick and light enough that you could actually recreate it on a normal morning with a bowl of Crunchy Nut on your knee.


Lauren Bravo