From phablet to fablet: 10 great cases for your iPhone 6 Plus: part one

Whether you’re a protective parent to your phablet or just want to tart up that vast expanse of metal in your hands, we’ve found the nicest iPhone 6 Plus cases around…

1. Uncommon Life Save iPhone 6 Plus case in Coral Stripe

Uncommon Life Save strip case

This stripy number in sorbet-sweet colours is ultra-slim and comes with a special anti-glare ring around the camera flash – so you need never spend months wondering why all your photos are coming out mysteriously blue. Not that we’ve ever done that.

£27.99 from Carphone Warehouse


2. Knomo iPhone 6 Plus Leather Slim Sleeve in Tomato

Knomo leather iPhone 6 Plus sleeve tomato

Mm, smell the luxury. Knomo’s butter soft leather bags and cases always earn a few lustful looks from us, especially now they’re being brought out in a whole rainbow of attention-grabbing shades. This tomato-red sleeve isn’t cheap, but it’ll age so much better than that pleather one you bought from the market.

£29 from Knomo


3. CLIC Wooden Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Clic Wooden iPhone 6 Plus case

As the Beatles almost sang – isn’t it good, phone case made of wood… Native Union also make CLIC cases in metal and marble, but we’re partial to its wooden versions. Each one is made from sustainable American wood, individual in colouring and the grain will ‘gain character’ over time. Make it part of the furniture.

£34.99 from Native Union


4. Snakehive Classic Tan Leather Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus

Snakehive Tan Leather iPhone 6 Plus Wallet

Do you own many leather-bound books and have an apartment that smells of rich mahogany? You’ll probably be wanting this then. Made from real leather, the ever-useful wallet design has space for your cards and cash. Of which you’ll have some spare, because it’s only 12 quid.

£11.95 from Snakehive


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Lauren Bravo