From phablet to fablet: 10 great cases for your iPhone 6 Plus: part two


5. Katie Jobling’s Handmade Flower Painted Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Katie Jobling painted iPhone 6 Plus Case

Bored of Accessorize and Urban Outfitters ubiquity? Artist Katie Jobling sells a whole range of these beautiful painted phone cases from her Etsy shop, and they come in sizes for other iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy too.

£20 from Etsy


6. SkinnyDip iPhone 6 Plus Dino Case

SkinnyDip Dino case

If you hadn’t already heard, dinosaurs are the new pineapples. Which in turn were the new foxes, which were the new owls. Anyway, this perspex case from Skinnydip isn’t as fancy as some but scores points on the adorable front.

£12 from Skinnydip


7. Otterbox Symmetry Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Otterbox Symmetry iPhone 6 Plus Case

Here’s one for the accident-prone. If you’ve incurred smashed screens, chipped backs and broken buttons in the past then you’ll want to invest in something more protective than a Dad in a country and western song.

Otterbox specialises in sturdy, drop- and scratch-protected cases. They’re not all lookers, but the Symmetry case comes in a few handsome colours and has sleek, minimalist appeal.

£34.99 from Otterbox


8. Stand Folio Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Casemate Folio Stand Case

If you’re using your 6 Plus as a phablet rather than just a giant phone, a stand case like this one from Case Mate will be invaluable for watching videos, Skyping and looking important in meetings.

£25 from Case-Mate


9. Ted Baker SALSO iPhone 6 Plus case

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

We’ve a soft spot for Ted Baker’s tech. Always as luxe-pretty as you’d imagine, the brand also knows how to craft accessories that actually work in harmony with your devices. This floral number will protect your phablet in style, without veering too far into Cath Kidston territory.

£29.95 from Proporta


10. Caseify Custom iPhone 6 Plus case

Caseify custom iPhone 6 plus case

Custom cases for phablets don’t come cheap, but this one ships free worldwide from the States and allows you to add filters and looks far classier than the average. Their design collection is worth a look too – we especially like the A Midsummer Night’s Dream quote. #cultured.

£26.40 (approx) from Caseify.

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Lauren Bravo