9 of the best sleeves and cases for the iPad Air 2: part two

5. Knomo Portable Organiser

Knomo portable organiser

Yes, 50 quid seems a lot when you could just wrap a jumper round it and be done – but Knomo’s tablet cases are far more than just tablet cases, they are life-containers. This sleek organiser will house your iPad Air 2, your phone, your cards, your pen and your portable battery pack, unzipping flat so you can get to everything without scrabbling. It’s also registered with an ID number, in case you ever lose it (you won’t, it’s too posh to put down).

£50 from Knomo


6. Jack Wills Varnham iPad Case

Jack Wills iPad Case

Even if you’d usually never touch Jack Wills with a bargepole, there’s no denying that this real leather case is a handsome way to carry your iPad around. Plus, it’s in the sale.

£25.50 from ASOS


7. ASOS Wool iPad Case With Straps

ASOS wool iPad case


In cosy soft wool, this sleeve isn’t especially fancy – but will swaddle your precious iPad nicely and also feel a bit like a pet in your bag. What’s not to like?

£12 from ASOS


8. Encase Smart Cover

Encase iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

It might not set your heart alight with its sweet style, but the Encase Smart Cover is one of the best-quality, best value cases out there for the iPad 2 Air. Tough, lightweight and with all the functionality you’d expect, it has extra protection for the sides of your iPad and a camera hole too. Job done.

£19.99 from Mobile Fun


9. Otterbox Air 2 Defender Case

Otterbox Defender Case for iPad Air 2


If you’re so clumsy you make Manuel from Fawlty Towers look poised and elegant, you’ll want to invest in something properly sturdy. The Defender from Otterbox is pricey, but provides some of the best protection in the business against drops, knocks, bumps and scratches. Have fun!

£69.99 from Otterbox

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Lauren Bravo