The Galaxy S6 ad we think Samsung should have made

We recently wrote about Samsung’s video for the Galaxy S6, starring James Corden. As we commented at the time, he seemed like a curious choice of spokesman for a flagship phone – to which many people asked us what we’d do instead.

We went away and thought about it, and here’s the Galaxy S6 advert we think Samsung should have run. The company doesn’t have an official stance on LGBT rights, so it’d be great to see them come out in support of gay marriage and equality.

Disclaimer: This is a spoof ad. It’s in no way official. It is not connected to Samsung or the Galaxy S6 in any way. It’s a parody. OK?

SGS6 Advert

Idea and copy by Holly Brockwell (our Editor), design by James Sparkes. Please credit ShinyShiny if you reupload the ad anywhere.

Samsung, if you need a new ad agency, you know where we are.

Holly Brockwell