Samsung’s made a hyper-cringey ad for the Galaxy S6 starring James Corden

Why, Samsung, why?

You’ve made the best Android phone on the planet right now. It looks beautiful, it feels premium, and it costs a fortune (especially if you buy one at Harrods).

And you thought the right person to get all of this across was… James Corden?!

Yes, we know he’s just crossed the pond and is the new hot property in terms of ex-pat Brits we were glad to see the back of, but really? We hoped the video would make up for the poor casting choice, but no:

Corden plays himself, twice: once as James-Corden-just-trying-to-do-his-job and once as a hipster douchebag director making all the wrong choices for the ad (no overt Apple references though, blessedly). It’s entirely as cringey as it sounds, and does absolutely nothing to sell what is genuinely a really good phone.

Perhaps they could have spent Corden’s overinflated salary on bringing the price down a little, hey?

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Holly Brockwell