Funny Twitter account of the day: Medieval Reactions

If you’ve seen your friends posting pictures of Medieval artwork lately, the Medieval Reactions Twitter account is more than likely why. Run by 19-year old Cathal Berragan@MedievalReacts is an irresistible combination of millennial phrasing (“When bae is looking fine…”) and classical Medieval illustrations. It’s incongruous, it’s hilarious, and it’s the first time we’ve done a proper out-loud belly-laugh at a painting of a horse.


Some more gems:

drinking downstairs present mortgage unrealistic banger pulling front camera front camera

A few of them are a bit NSFW – but you’ll probably get away with it. Because it’s classical art, right?

outfit bae harvesting

If you love Medieval Reactions as much as we do, you can follow them on Twitter here.

Holly Brockwell