Free ice cream today! It’s Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Today (April the 14th) is that magical day of the year when Ben & Jerry’s give out free ice cream to the masses because, essentially, they are the best people in the world. B&J’s ice cream has got me through breakups, shakeups, and a 3-hour war film my ex wanted to watch, and today we all get to enjoy it for nothing.

Yep, it’s Free Cone Day, so get down to your local Ben & Jerry’s (there are more than you think, mainly because cinema B&J counters often participate too) and grab your freebie between 12pm and 8pm today. Here’s the Ben & Jerry’s branch locator.

You can choose between Phish Food (my personal fave), Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and even the sun’s come out to celebrate.


As Missy Elliott famously didn’t sing, “get your free cone!”

Holly Brockwell