Pure Digital – Pure POP Maxi DAB+ review

Over the last few months audio company Pure Digital has released series of DAB+ Pop radios so called because they boast a big pop up button on their tops. Now we have the daddy of the group the Pure POP Maxi.

This is clearly designed to be a kitchen, bedroom radio, though it does take batteries so you can obviously carry about the place with you.

There are a lot of retro looking radio around at the moment which have taken their style cues from the 50s and the 60s. If anything the POP Series has timewarped through a couple of decades and looks a tad more 80s. Personally I love the design with its light grey grilles and clean white top. And of course there’s that pop up button which gives a satisfying clunk each time you push it.

As you’d expect, given that it is 2015 and companies really have no excuse, the POP Maxi is very easy to setup and use. It quickly pulls in all the digital stations and then gives the user the option FM ones too. There’s a source button which enables you to toggle between digital, FM and other sources, in this instance streaming Bluetooth from another device like a tablet or a mobile phone. Once again pairing up my smartphone with the radio was pretty seamless.

In terms of connections the Pop Maxi has pretty much what you’d expect. So for example there’s 3.5mm jack Aux input, a mini USB input and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The only thing that I can think of that would have been a nice touch would be a rechargeable battery, maybe next time.

Ok, so much for design and features. How does it perform? Well it does take a second or two to latch on to a digital stations. Ultimately then it delivers a warm sound, not too heavy on the bass, but given the size of the speakers (3inches 2 x 4.3W RMS) this is no surprise. It has a warm-ish sound and even with the volume cranked high there was was very little distortion. It certainly worked well in the type of rooms bedrooms kitchen etc it is likely to call home. The Bluetooth streaming audio was good too as long as you don’t push the volume too hard though.

Ultimately then if you are looking for a digital radio – with the added bonus of Bluetooth streaming then the Pure Pop Maxi has to be high on your shortlist.



Ashley Norris