Model Chrissy Teigen Instagrams her stretch marks

We love Chrissy Teigen. She’s smart, funny, and is often spotted at tech conventions (looking considerably more glamorous than us, obviously).

Her Instagram is packed with stunning pictures like these:

But recently, she posted something a little less polished:

And we love it. We’re totally calling them stretchies from now on. It would have been really easy to airbrush the photo or post a more flattering one, but Chrissy knows stretch marks are a normal part of being a woman (even an ultra-gorgeous model woman who’s married to John Legend), and she wanted to make us all feel better. And we do – just like we did when Thandie Newton Instagrammed her moustache bleach earlier this year:

Again, just a normal, everyday thing thousands of women have to deal with – but something that’s usually cut from the narrative, as if it’s somehow wrong.

When our Instagram feeds are usually full of super-glossy, hyper-styled people showing off the highlights of their lives, it makes a refreshing and uplifting change to see something that actually looks like us. Thandie and Chrissy, thanks for being awesome.

Main images: @chrissyteigen
With thanks to Buzzfeed for the heads-up.

Holly Brockwell