Carling’s £49 holidays sell out in 10 minutes

This morning, Carling’s ‘Brighton or Barbados’ campaign launched, in which 1000 people could get a ticket for a holiday on the May Day weekend – but wouldn’t find out until later if it was for Brighton or Barbados.

With a 1 in 3 chance of getting Barbados, it’s no surprise that the site got absolutely hammered this morning, and many people were seen complaining on Twitter that it was badly set up. One sad chap said he waited up all night for the 10am ticket launch, to no avail.

At 10.10, Carling tweeted that all 1000 tickets had been snapped up:


Which isn’t surprising when you consider that they were only available in sets of two and four, which meant that somewhere between 250 and 500 people would be able to get any. That’s considerably worse odds than your standard Muse gig, and those are basically impossible to get tickets to.

The lucky few will find out on Friday whether they got Brighton or Barbados, but for £49, either sounds pretty good to us!

Main image: Carling

Holly Brockwell