LG’s target consumer is begging to be made into a meme

The leaked LG G4 microsite contains this memorable image of the target consumer for LG’s new flagship phone:


We’ll call him Rupert. Rupert has a beige jacket with the world’s largest pockets, which he keeps in an armoire alongside his gilet and red trouser collection. His hair is artfully tousled, unlike his girlfriend Arabella’s, which resembles the kind of epic blonde nest Big Bird would make. He uses an LG G4 in tan leather, which matches his favourite pair of boat shoes.

Why LG have chosen to sell what is more than likely a very affordable flagship (we’re not expecting it to cost much more than £500) to, essentially, toffs, is anyone’s guess. The phone itself looks like someone’s repurposed the interior of a classic car (no, that leather is not a case) to grim effect – it’s the kind of ‘for executives’ nonsense we expect from BlackBerry.


If you ask us, LG Rupert is just begging to be made into a meme. Here’s our attempt – tweet us yours.

lg man

G4 image source: Android Explained

Holly Brockwell