Dragon-egg clutch bags for the Khaleesi in your life

One of the hardest parts about putting a costume together is what bag you’re going to take with you. After all, you still need your keys, phone, wallet and all the other detritus we all carry on a night out, but cosplay-appropriate clutch bags are few and far between.

Until now.

Etsy seller PrissyKittyDesigns sells handmade dragon egg bags that are perfect for Game of Thrones costume parties, and yes, they ship to the UK!

There are tonnes of designs in the medium size (might not be big enough for a phone, depending on your phone):

Green over black, £54.38
Green over black, £54.38
Rainbow dragon egg, £52.29
Rainbow dragon egg, £52.29
Bronze, £54.38
Bronze, £54.38

And a giant gold one:

Large golden egg, £104.57

There are heaps of colours to choose from, and you can choose a different colour for the shimmer to match your Daenerys outfit perfectly.

Shipping to the UK costs somewhere between £10 and £20 depending on the size of the egg, and as always, beware of those sneaky customs charges.

Shop all the designs at PrissyKittyDesigns’ Etsy store.

Main image: PrissyKittyDesigns
With thanks to FashionablyGeek for the heads-up.

Holly Brockwell