Volvorii Timeless is the smart shoe that changes with your clothes (or mood)

A new smart shoe called Volvorii Timeless can be customised via app so that you never need to clash (or buy another pair of shoes you only wear a couple of times) ever again.

They’re not a reality quite yet – Chip Chick spotted them on Indiegogo, so the makers are still trying to raise the cash to bring them to market. They do have a prototype, though, which they made for a design contest and which has been independently certified by engineers at Dragon Innovation in Boston, to make sure it works. The idea is that the open-toed high heels come in black or white, with a strip around the side that has embedded Bluetooth LE connectivity.

When that’s connected to your phone via an accompanying app (both iOS and Android are in the works), you’ll be able to change the colour or design of the strip with just a couple of taps. Perfect for when you need to get changed on the go, or you get outside and discover your shoes don’t match your outfit quite as well as you thought. (Just me?) They’re also planning to sell extra attachments for the shoes, from studs to ankle straps, via an online store.

The crowdfunding campaign’s only just started, and they have a long way to go to meet their $50,000 goal in the next 28 days. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on/feet in a pair, $149 plus $25 shipping (approximately £118 total) will bagsy some, although you’ll have to wait until December to see them.


Diane Shipley