Supercard lets you shop abroad without the fees

Foreign currency exchange Travelex has launched a new product, the Supercard, which should make shopping abroad a bit easier.

You might not be going on holiday just yet (if you are, please assume I’m jealous) but it’s not too soon to start planning. One of the most frustrating things about spending money abroad is that your credit card company will probably charge you for transactions, and certainly for withdrawals – but you don’t want to take out all your cash at once.

The Supercard will work with an accompanying app for iOS and Android. Enter the details for up to five UK credit or debit cards into the app, pick the one you want to spend on, and then use the Supercard to pay for everything you need when you leave the country (it’s accepted anywhere that takes Visa). The app provides real-time updates so you can keep track of what you’re buying in pounds sterling – and see what you’ve saved in fees (although Supercard can’t help you avoid local charges like ATM fees, sadly. Maybe one day).

It’s chip and pin protected just like any other card, and if it’s lost or stolen you can block it immediately with the app so no one else can spend it. Travelex’s chief digital officer Sean Cornwell says, ‘Supercard is a brilliant example of how technology can make consumers’ lives easier. The Supercard app will be the perfect travel companion.’

Even better, you don’t have to pay to sign up: you can pre-order a Supercard now via the website, and it should arrive in about a week (stock permitting – it’s in limited rollout at present).

Diane Shipley