Snapchat trick: how to do multi-line captions on an iPhone

Reddit user 30dnuu discovered a way to make your Snapchat caption extend over more than one line, like this:

snapchat multi line caption

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Notes
2. Insert a space, then press return, and keep doing that for however many lines you want (eg. space > return, space > return, space > return for 3 lines)
3. Hold your finger on the text and tap ‘Select all’ (it didn’t work for us when we didn’t use Select All), then Copy
4. Go into Snapchat, take a photo and go to add a caption
5. Tap and hold on the caption box until Paste appears, tap it
6. You should now be able to add text on each of those lines, where the spaces are.

It worked for us on an iPhone 5, but sadly not on Android – it seems you can’t paste into the caption box at all on Snapchat for Android.

Did the Snapchat multi-line caption trick work for you? Got any more Snapchat hacks? Let us know in the comments.

Holly Brockwell