NoScrunchie helps you find brilliant Afro-Caribbean salons

When we met NoScrunchie at Tech City IWD (where we also found the fantastic Tara Binns and Birdsong), we fell in love with the name, then the idea behind this much-needed site.

Essentially, if you have Afro-Caribbean hair, it’s a right faff to find a salon that’s good at making it look its beautiful best – especially outside London, and especially if you’re looking online. Some salons even charge extra for Afro hair. NoScrunchie told us that a lot of Afro-friendly salons are a bit behind the times in terms of getting a website, getting on social media, and basically getting your attention. Which means they languish, and your hair doesn’t get the love it deserves.


NoScrunchie aims to change this by being your one-stop directory for amazing Afro salons, showing reviews, photos and the types of hairstyles on offer, and giving salons the opportunity to have a good web presence without hiring a developer. The name references the fact that when you’re having an amazing hair day, you never have to scrape it all back – you want to show it off. And salons that make you feel that way are what NoScrunchie aims to help you find. You can add, rate and search for salons anywhere in the world, though the UK (and unsurprisingly, London) is best represented.

You’ll find NoScrunchie’s salon ratings here, but their excellent blog is well worth a look, too: we especially like the piece they did on how natural hair can affect your career.

Main image: Dionysius Burton via Flickr Creative Commons

Holly Brockwell