The Foreo Moda 3D-prints makeup straight onto your face (NOT an April Fool!)

I’ve made a point of posting this today rather than tomorrow so you don’t think this is an April Fool’s as this is really quite something! The Foreo Moda is the world’s first digital makeup artist and it’s every bit as sci-fi as it sounds.  It’s a 3D printer containing mineral make-up and pigments that can print any makeup look you can find; you upload an image and connect to the MODA system which then gets to work creating your look.  You position your face within the machine and 30 seconds later you have your complete makeup look.


The device uses scanning technology to find all the unique contours and crevices on the face it’s printing onto so that the make-up sits and aligns naturally.  The three step application process starts with a primer and SPF, then comes the base products which include foundation as well as highlight and contour, before finally eyes, lips and cheeks are taken care of. Here’s a video that demonstrates further:

This device has the potential to revolutionise the make-up industry, as tricky application methods that enthusiasts struggle to learn – such as contouring or eyeliner flicks – will be taken care of in less than a minute.  I’m personally thinking of how much difference this will make to getting up in the morning – at the very least I spend 10 minutes on makeup, but more often than not I take around half an hour, so if this time will be reduced to 30 seconds then sign me up.  It’s a pretty bulky looking machine and the pricing structure hasn’t been revealed yet, so I’m guessing we’re looking at a small fortune.  However, I cannot wait to witness a demo of this device and if you’re equally excited you can add your name to the list of those who are interested in the launch here. Fingers crossed it’s out soon!

Sascha Taylor-Curtis