Customised Fitbit food database allows you to scan products for nutritional information

We’re not sure it’s necessarily a great idea to log the nutritional information of ALL your favourite snacks and meals, but if you really want to it’s now possible thanks to Fitbit.

Now available to users both in the UK and globally, Britain’s most popular food and drink items are now available as part of the UK food database. Fitbit is further enhancing its food logging capability to make it simpler and faster for Apple iOS, Android and Windows smartphone users to use barcode scanning for food logging via the camera button.

Says Gareth Jones, VP and General Manager, Fitbit EMEA: “We are pleased to announce that Fitbit now offers customised food logging databases for our consumers across Europe, and the rest of the world, offering an even easier and more seamless experience for our users.”

He continues: “As one of the most requested features, localised food databases provide a more tailored experience for users adding to the enhanced functionality of Fitbit’s food logging tools to help people reach their health and fitness goals faster.”

As well as the UK, expanded and customised food logging is now available for users in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico and Spain.

As part of the new Fitbit update, users can choose from which country they would like to populate their food database, providing access to the customised database seen when logging food. To change their database selection, users can go into the advanced settings and preferences on their Fitbit dashboard to select the country they would like to use for their food database.  

Chris Price