Casetify wants to personalise your Apple Watch band

The upcoming Apple Watch has a lot of customisable options, but there are still some parts that could be made a little more personal. The strap, for example, is plain in every incarnation. Casetify wants to change that with their new Apple Watch Band service, which lets you customise the strap with your favourite selfie or other social media photo to make it unmistakeably yours.

Once you’ve selected a pic from your phone (or combed your Facebook or Instagram for a classic shot), you just need to open the Casetify app or go to the website and drag and drop into the template, adding filters if you wish. They’ll then make it a reality and contact you when it’s ready. It’s $50 (around £34) with free worldwide shipping. Not cheap, but since when have Apple customers been motivated by saving money?

Casetify will also have four special launch edition straps (scroll down): Black Marble, Forever Love, Candy Feathers and Pass This On. You can sign up via the site to find out when they’re available.

The Apple Watch launches in less than a month, on 24 April, but you can pre-order from 10 April, as long as you have an iPhone and between £299 and £8000 to spare.

Diane Shipley