Giffgaff claims HTC One M9 price cheaper than competitors

Contract free mobile network giffgaff, claims it is selling HTC’s latest smart phone, the HTC One M9, cheaper than any of its competitors.

The new flagship phone went on sale with giffgaff last night at 10.30pm at a price point that is £10.98 lower than its main competitors, says giffgaff

Costing £569 SIM-free, the phone will be dispatched on 31st March 2015 – the official launch date.

Interestingly, for HTC fans who can’t afford the new phone outright, giffgaff offers peer-to-peer financing through RateSetter, enabling members to select how much they pay for the phone up front, and the period of time they would like to pay back the loan – from six up to 24 months.

As giffgaff is a contract-free mobile network, the new phone will come unlocked and ready to plug and play with a giffgaff PAYG SIM, complete with 3G and 4G ‘goodybags’, ranging from £5 up to £18.

Says Mike Fairman, giffgaff CEO: “This is another fantastic addition to our ever-growing collection of phones available to giffgaff members. Without being tied in to a contract, members can enjoy all the features the highly sought-after HTC One M9 has to offer by using one of our great value goodybags.”


Chris Price