5 of the coolest clocks in the world

The clocks go forward at 1am this Sunday (29th March), losing us an hour of precious, precious sleep. To take your mind off this disastrous news, we’ve rounded up 5 of the coolest clocks in the world. You’ll be glad you don’t have to manually reset some of these, trust us…


1. The clock made of clocks


At Ham Yard Hotel, Soho, there’s a wall of clocks whose hands make up one giant clock. We could watch it forever.

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Designed to tell the time in words like a person, Qlocktwo comes in two sizes, 13 colour varieties and 13 languages. It’s available to buy, but not for most of us: it’s over £700.


There’s also a super-cool watch version, the Qlocktwo W:



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3. Switchital

274581_t8RAqPMEK8q9wfWPMshogdUVf (1)

Sadly just a concept, the Switchital clock discombobulates and reassembles its digits every minute. The video is ridiculously fun to watch, though we’d have preferred a looping Vine!

The Switchital clock is by designer Matthias Pugin.

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4. The Redundant Clock


Another clock that tells the time through the medium of other clocks, the Redundant Clock was created by Facebook Communication Designer Ji Lee. Sadly, it’s not for sale – we’d definitely buy one.

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5. Frame clock


Possibly not the easiest clock to read, but we love the way it moves to tell the time with negative-space hands (space hands are the new jazz hands, FYI).

52-600x375 (1)

The Frame clock constantly moves, and manages to look like a work of art as well as a timepiece. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be for sale.

Holly Brockwell