5 of the best-looking Bluetooth speakers in the UK

With so many Bluetooth speakers on the market, you might as well choose a beautiful one. Here are 5 dangerously good-looking soundboxes that are available now in the UK, and will make your eyes as happy as your ears.


1. Kitsound Hive


This honey of a speaker (har har) from Kitsound offers 10 hours of battery life. It’s a sturdy portable soundbox with a line-in socket and call handling, and comes in 5 colours. Which should bee enough for anyone.

If you want one, bumble on down to Amazon UK (£39).

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2. Jarre Aerotwist


Like some kind of shiny space doughnut, the Aerotwist by Jean Michel Jarre comes in a plethora of colours and can be attached to a bike or bag strap. It’s got a microphone, too, so you can use it for handsfree calls. Which is more than you can say for Krispy Kreme.

It’s £249 from Selfridges.

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Jarre J-Tek One rainbow Bluetooth speaker


Another Jean Michel Jarre creation, the J-Tek One looks like a futuristic tower block and comes in a whole spectrum of colours, so you can create your own cheerful dystopian skyline. It’s got a built-in microphone and line-in jack for CD players and other devices.

It’ll run you £74.99 (reduced from £149.99) at Selfridges.

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Ted Baker Fastnet Portable Folding Speaker

uk-Mens-Gifts-Gifts-for-him-FASTNET-Folding-portable-speaker-Nude-Pink-DA4M_FASTNET_57-NUDE-PINK_2.jpg (1)

This Ted Baker number folds flat, acts as its own stand, and looks a bit like the intercom at a speakeasy. It comes in four colours and includes a travel case and microphone. Whispering ‘open sesame’ into it is optional, though.

It’s £199.95 from Ted Baker.

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5. Braven Lux Bluetooth speaker



Looking more like an upmarket clutch bag than a speaker, the Braven Lux comes in 3 colours (as you might have guessed from the picture there) and is certified water-resistant. It lasts 12 hours, can charge your phone, and you can even wirelessly link two together for rave-level stereo sound. Just don’t try and put your purse in it.

The Braven Lux is £89.99 from Braven.

Holly Brockwell