12 of the best-looking DAB radios in the UK

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We’ve written about Bluetooth speakers on ShinyShiny a lot recently, and, because we have so much music on our phones and laptops, it’s very easy to forget about that little thing called radio. It’s even easier to forget how amazing-looking some digital radios can be. Plus, they nearly all act as Bluetooth speakers as well as radios now anyway, so you get the best of both worlds.

As part of Style Week, we’ve found the 12 best-looking DAB radios available to buy in the UK. Who doesn’t love retro looks with modern capabilities?

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.17.18

1) View Quest Hepburn

We love the simplicity of the View Quest Hepburn, which just lets its colour do the talking. There are 11 different colours available, but this red one has that classic 50s feel to it. The Hepburn features DAB and DAB+ so you can listen to your favourite digital stations in the UK or across Europe. It’s also got Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5mm aux input to connect any other audio device.

Another great feature of the Hepburn is a VQ Control App available on Android or iOS, where you can control the volume, and what’s playing, as well as separate controls for the bass and treble.

The Hepburn is available from the View Quest website for £129.99.

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2) Pure Evoke D2 Mio with Bluetooth

This gorgeous turquoise colour really makes the Pure Evoke Mio stand out. There are six other colours to choose from, and the coloured leather casing is interchangeable, meaning if you change the colour of your walls, you can match it up with this little radio. Despite its small size, the Mio is packed with features including 20 presets (with three quick access buttons), kitchen and sleep timers, tone or radio alarm, stereo headphone socket and aux-in for your phone or MP3 player, as well as Bluetooth. The DAB radio also takes an optional Pure ChargePAK B1 rechargeable battery pack for portable listening.

The Evoke D2 Mio is available from the Pure website for £129.99.

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3) Roberts Revival Beach Huts

What kind of DAB radio list would this be without Roberts Revival? This beach huts design is so cute, and would look great in a wooden lounge or bedroom, but, with 120 hours of battery power, it’s best fit for the beach! The ‘Revival’ features rotary tuning and volume controls, RDS station name display, a stereo line out socket, headphone socket and portability thanks to its carry handle. Our one criticism would be that there’s no Bluetooth built in, something you’d expect if you’re paying £200.

The Roberts Revival radio is available from the Roberts website for £200.

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4) Goodmans Oxford 

Goodmans has created a DAB radio here that looks entirely like it could be out of the 1960s, even through to the four colours it comes in. However, the Oxford is far from vintage, bringing you modern features such as DAB+ & FM. What’s great about this radio is that, with an extra-long battery life and a handle, it’s really portable.

The Oxford DAB radio is available to buy from the Goodmans website for £59.99.

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5) Kitsound Jive Retro

We like the Jive’s simple design, coming in four different colours. It’s quite affordable, and can be matched with your lounge or bedroom. Its features include DAB radio and an alarm clock, but it’s not got much more than that, so this is definitely better for those who simply want a radio.

The Kitsound Jive Retro radio is available to buy from Amazon for £69.

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6) Ruark Audio x Osborn & Little R1

We wrote about this little beauty earlier this week, but it really is such a gorgeous DAB radio that we couldn’t not feature it again! Not only is it wrapped in a fabric inspired by an Osborn & Little wallpaper design, it’s also crammed with features, including Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Only issue with this radio is that there are only going to be 1000 available!

The Osborn & Little R1 will be available from late May. For more information, you can go to the Ruark Audio website.

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file_2_2_17) Tivoli Audio Model 10+ BBC Children In Need Radio

This DAB radio not only looks really unique, but Tivoli Audio will donate £50 to Children in Need for every one bought, so you’ll also be giving to charity! The radio obviously includes DAB+ but it also includes an auxillary input, so you can connect your phone or MP3 player.

This Children in Need radio is available to buy from the Tivoli Audio website for £199.

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8) John Lewis Spectrum

We LOVE how bright this DAB radio from John Lewis is. It will brighten up any dark room, and it’s very reasonably priced too! It can be plugged into the mains or used with AA batteries, so is really portable.

The Spectrum DAB radio is available to buy from the John Lewis website for £34.95.

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9) Ted Baker Finisterre

Ted Baker is known for its stylish clothing, so its DAB radio was never going to be any different. As well as DAB+ and FM radio, the gorgeous radio has Bluetooth.

The Finisterre is available to buy from the Ted Baker website for £199.

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10) Tesco DR1404P 

When we think of Tesco, we don’t think stylish, but we really like this fun DAB radio. The bright colour makes it pop, and, being Tesco, it’s an affordable price. It could’ve been given a catchier name however!

The DR1404P DAB radio is available to buy from Tesco for £39.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.29.18

11) Bush Retro

This Bush radio just screams retro, and we are absolutely loving it, especially surrounded by a summer picnic. While it looks classic and vintage, it features DAB+ radio, of course, as well as Bluetooth.

The Bush Retro DAB radio is available to buy from Argos for £69.99.

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12) Philips AE5220/05

Like Tesco, Philips could’ve come up with a catchier name for its DAB radio, but we’re really liking the radio’s modern looks, so we’ll forgive a name. This radio has DAB+, but no Bluetooth.

The Philips AE5220/05 DAB radio is available to buy from Amazon for £64.61.

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Hayley Minn