12 Valentines gift ideas for the man in your life #LoveWeek

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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has come around quicker than you can say please-validate-my-existence-with-flowers this year. I’ve spent some time pulling together a gift guide that’s more full of stuff your other half might actually want rather than solely cheap, cheesy Valentine’s tat (but there is some in there, because what is Valentine’s Day without a balloon that says ‘let’s f*ck’ on it, am I right?).

Scroll through the products, weed out anything that’s too OTT (or too serious if you’re a slushy Valentine’s sucker) and go forth and spend your hard-earned cash on this dubious celebration!

Let us know what you’re getting the man in your life in the comments below. But keep it clean, people.


1. Psychadelic Cat Sweater

I wasn’t joking about there being serious presents in this round-up, I promise! So this one is a bit mental. It’ll make your eyes hurt. And it’s made from 100% Polyester. But if you’re buying for a bit of a joker or an internet nerd this Valentine’s Day, then this psychedelic cat sweater from the good folks at Firebox will be right up his street. Also, huge LOLZ at the super serious face this model is pulling.

You can buy this mesmerising (and not to mention ridiculous) sweater from Firebox for £39.99.

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2. Go-Karting Day

If you’re super organised you may want to buy this in advance and book it actually on Valentine’s Day (you’ve not got much time, go, go!) or you could just give it to your other half as a voucher. (FYI, I did this at Christmas and it was a big hit.) I think if you’re not keen on getting anything too sentimental a fun ‘experience’ you can both take part in is a really great alternative. Go-karting is an ideal activity, because you can race each other, get competitive, show off and have so much fun in the process.

There are lots of places you can buy experiences from, but I recommend going directly to race tracks for the best prices, or relying on a tried-and-tested brand, like Virgin Experience Days. You can get your hands on a race day for two for £66.

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3. DIY Gamer Kit (with arduino)

Nothing says undying love like soldering, gaming and coding (not euphemisms). Despite how nerdy it seems, I actually love the idea behind getting my guy a present he’s actually going to use that could turn into some multi-million pound spinning business or just a fun hobby later down the line. If you haven’t heard of Technology Will Save Us, do check out the website for quirky gift ideas or if you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of an engineer/developer type.

Buy one from Technology Will Save Us for £75.

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4. Love Bites Balloons

If you want something fun, cheesy and let’s face it, really cute, then Firebox has released a set of 12 balloons.online full of nice things, like “I love you”, sleazy compliments like “damn you’re fine”, and as-subtle-as-a-breezeblock-to-the-face proposals, like “let’s f*ck”. It may be a cheaper option, but I’d only go with this one if you know someone’s got a silly sense of humour or you’ve been with them a while.

Available from Firebox for £5.99.

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5. Pebble Smartwatch

There are hundreds of smart watches on the market at the moment, but due to its birth on Kickstarter and indie-little-startup credentials, the Pebble is still one of the coolest out there. A great gift if you know your guy has been after a wearable and is into his tech.

You can buy a Pebble from Argos for £99.99.

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6. Herschel BackPack

If you want to buy something stylish but feel jumpers and socks are the kinda things your grandparents get each other on the 14th of Feb, then opt for accessories instead. At one point everyone in London had the black version of this Herschel backpack, but we love the blue for Spring. If it seems a bit impersonal, stuff it with heart sweets or something equally as vom-inducing.

You can get your hands on a Herschel bag from ASOS for £90.

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7. Darth Vader Mood Light

A good gift for a Star Wars lover if you’ve not got cash to burn and don’t feel like you want to go down the whole sexy, submissive Princess Leia route.

From IWOOT for £12.99.

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8. Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Never has cooking awesome, healthy vegetarian food been so cool. This is a no-nonsense cookbook with the kind of recipes you’d find on a street stall in Shoreditch. Unbelievably tasty foods and a great present for a foodie.

Available from Amazon for £10.49.

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9. Ted Baker Finisterre Radio 

Ted Baker’s latest gadget is a DAB/FM radio and bluetooth speaker hybrid wrapped up in a brushed aluminium retro exterior. It’s on the pricey side, so it’s ideal for a long term lover who’s a real audiophile.

Available from John Lewis for £199.95.

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10. 1000 Ultimate Adventures Book

Big coffee table books may look great, but rarely actually get read or used or even kept on the coffee table. This is a fun buy if you’re buying for someone who’s brimming with wanderlust who you want to adventure with at some point in the future.

From Urban Outfitters for £15.99.

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11. Build Your Own Zombie

A silly and affordable present option that flips the soppy Valentine’s gift idea on its head – after it’s ripped it off and scooped its brains out, obviously.

From IWOOT for £6.99.

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12. Crosley Keepsake Portable Turntable

One for the serious vinyl-lovers, this Crosley turntable may cost a fair bit, but it’s such a great-looking collectable. If you’re not keen on the colourway, there are a fair few different options over at UO, as well as some more high-end players and one or two models that are a little cheaper.

Available from Urban Outfitters for £160.

Becca Caddy