11 ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day just like Leslie Knope #LoveWeek

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No, we haven’t made a spelling mistake in the headline. Galentine’s Day is officially a thing, thanks to the amazing-but-fictional Leslie Knope. Parks and Recreation fans will be aware of the amazingness that is Galentine’s Day, but for those of you who aren’t, it falls on 13th February and is a day for ‘ladies celebrating ladies’, and is all about friendship and hanging out with the girls!

In the words of Ms Knope: ‘It’s like Lilith Fair without the angst. Plus frittatas.’

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate this day. There isn’t another designated day to celebrate your friends, so Galentine’s Day is the perfect time for it. If you’re struggling over what to do to to honour your girlfriends, then fear not, as we’re bringing you our 11 best ways of celebrating Galentine’s Day!

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1) Cook/Bake together

Pick whoever’s got the biggest kitchen, and all bring ingredients for a signature dish over to bake and cook together. And then, obviously eat all of the food together too! Because food.

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2) Give each other makeovers

Nothing says Galentine’s Day better than makeovers. You could give each other a smoky eye look, paint each other’s nails and do big blowdries on each other. Then, obviously, do fabulous photoshoots for Facebook, like when you were 15.

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3) Arts and craft

Get all your best gal pals together and be creative. You could draw portraits of each other, or, if you’re not great at art, collages are always a good way to go. Just print off loads of Facebook pictures of your friends together, stick them down, and you’re good to go.

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4) Go out clubbing

When all else fails, get dressed up, drink and go out on the town!

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5) Brunch

Lesley Knope is so right. Why WOULD anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food? Brunch is not only the best meal of the day for that reason, but also because it’s totally acceptable to drink champagne and eat pancakes at exactly the same time. Who wouldn’t want that?

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6) Movie marathon

Of course, watching chick flicks is a necessity on Galentine’s Day. Think Mean Girls, Clueless, The Notebook, and a big bowl of popcorn.

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7) Sleepover

Sleepovers are always fun because you can just hang out in your pyjamas with no make up on, and absolutely no one will judge you. Plus, they involve all the best things; huge midnight feasts, manicures, movies, gossiping and spooning!

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8) Shopping spree

Go out shopping together and buy each other something you really want. Those shoes you’ve wanted for ages will feel so much better, if you know they’re a present!

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9) Spa Day

Spa days are sometimes all you need. Book in a few treatments, like a massage and facial, and then you can spend the rest of the day relaxing together by the pool. These are the ultimate in relaxation.

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10) Discount website experiences

Discount websites, like Groupon and Wowcher, have so many fun days out at discount prices available. You could do something like three course and champagne for four at The Bentley London, or sparkling afternoon tea for two at Tophams Hotel, Belgravia.

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11) Dance!

If all else fails, just turn on the music and dance! This Spotify playlist includes everything you could need for an amazing Galentine’s Day. Think Beyonce, No Doubt, Britney and Destiny’s Child!


Hayley Minn

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