Smartwatch popularity means all watches are banned from university exam rooms

We now live in a world where we can store information and surf the internet from tiny wrist-bound computers (to an extent anyway), and this has got some educational institutions worried about potential cheating. To prevent that some have enacted a blanket ban on all watches.

According to Buzzfeed a number of UK universities have initiated the ban, including London City University. Apparently it’s because administrators are scared that owning a smartwatch will allow students to cheat in exams, and checking each watch individually would be impractical. Both very reasonable points, and it’s more than possible that some sneaky individuals would otherwise succeed in sneaking in answers via their wrist.

It reminds me of being sat in a maths exam aged 10, and being told by our teacher than everyone had to take their watches off just in case one had a secret calculator. I feel like this is similar in a lot of ways except, unlike some smartwatch brands, there was never a particular demand for a subtle calculator watch.

Thankfully students won’t be left without any sense of time, because London City University has promised exam halls will kitted out with clocks for everyone to see. If that’s not good enough, students will also be able to request an approved desk-top clock.

Tom Pritchard

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  • Some Universities are aware of the possibilities that a smartwatch might just be the right tool for cheaters, hence these universities will not allow any smartwatch or even a digital watch to be on a student’s wrist in the examination hall.

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