Sky has announced a ‘next generation’ Now TV box is coming this year

We love the Now TV box here at ShinyShiny, since it makes it possible to access all your favourite online content from your TV easily and cheaply. Believe it or not the box itself is now 18 months old, and today Sky has announced that a ‘next generation’ model is on the way.

The new box was announced during an investor presentation earlier today, and Sky revealed that the updated box would have a brand new interface and a new marketing campaign. What else might be included was not specified.

What we can be sure of is that the new Now TV box will once again be made by Roku. That’s because Sky is one of Roku’s investors, as well as the fact that Roku made the original Now TV box and Germany’s Sky Online TV Box.

Since it is a brand new box, it’ll likely have some brand new hardware inside. Let’s hope this means Sky opts to include Full HD in the new Now TV, because it’d be crazy not to.

Tom Pritchard