The Philips Hue is your Everyday Tech Genius of 2014 #ShinyShinyAwards

Our Everyday Tech Genius award was voted for by you, our dear readers. And from day one there was only ever going to be one winner. The truth is, the Philips innovative Hue lighting system leapt into the lead from the very beginning and ended up with many more votes than its nearest rivals. Bravo for your landslide victory, Hue!


Although it was up against some of our favourite apps and gadgets, we’re very pleased about Hue’s epic win, because this clever lighting gadget fits in perfectly with what we had in mind for our Tech Genius award. It’s a smart LED bulb that you can control from an app on your smartphone. So, for example, you can ask Hue to wake you up, change colour, lift your mood, deter burglars or just turn your room into a disco. Hue bulbs fit straight into standard light fittings too, so they can make a hugely positive impact on your day with no fuss or installation.

Highly Commended: NOW TV

The Highly Commended spot went to Now TV, the on-demand platform TV service from Sky. It allows anyone with broadband to access regular Sky channels, on-demand services and pay-per-view. And you don’t need the box to use it either, as there’s an online-only option. In an age where legally accessing copyrighted content can be ridiculously awkward, this is brilliant.

Honourable mentions:

Ford Mondeo

We really liked the innovative tech on the new Ford Mondeo. The Sync 2, which debuted on the Ford Focus earlier this year, is a high-tech dashboard infotainment system that gives the driver vocal control over built-in apps for navigation. Pretty smart.


If you live in London, the Citymapper app is more important than complaining about the weather. Seriously. It helps you find your way around the capital more easily and intuitively than any other app or maps service we’ve come across. We use it all the time.

British Gas SmartMeter

It seems incredible that in the age of 4G connectivity, many energy companies still send a person to come and read your meter. British Gas’s Smart Meter, a wireless device that sends automatic readings, is most welcome, and if we are being honest, a little overdue. We like it a lot.

OneFineStay Sherlock

OneFineStay – like a posh version of AirBnB – are pioneering an incredibly clever home entry system called Sherlock. Instead of carrying around keys, you can control entry via your phone, giving access to couriers, cleaners and workmen from wherever and whenever. Very clever and very useful. We want one.


This combination of a pre-paid credit card and family-focused banking app is starting to gain real momentum. We think it’s a brilliant idea really well executed.

Congratulations to Philips and NOW TV – and thanks for bringing that touch of genius to our everyday lives. 

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