The Project Ara modular smartphone could be on display at MWC next month

When it comes to the future of smartphone technology, nothing is quite as exciting as the possibility of one day owning a phone with replaceable hardware components. We’ve already heard a bit about the release of the first modular phone from Google’s Project Ara, and word has it that we could see it at MWC next month.

According to STJS Gadgets, fifty different modular components from Project Ara will be on display at the show next month. Apparently not all of the components will be in working condition, but there should at least be at least one working version of the handset present.

In case you didn’t already know, these modular components mean you’ll be able to customise the build of the phone and swap modules around even while the phone is still on. That’ll include components like the camera, RAM, graphics cards, and so on. The display and processor will also be able to be swapped out, just not unless the phone is switched off.

On Wednesday Toshiba, the company who designed the modular Spiral One and Spiral Two phones for Project Ara, announced that it had partnered up with Einfochips to produce components for modular handsets. These components will range from $50 (£32) to $500 (£320) in price, and with the Spiral 2 due for its first public release at the end of the year there’s a chance that we could see some of Toshiba’s components at MWC.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, PhoneArena claims that the announcement of the Spiral 3 is on its way, and it will go on general sale alongside the Spiral 2. That also means there is a slight possibility that it will be officially unveiled at MWC.

Tom Pritchard